Our expertise in the management of CNESST files allows us to support employers.

CNESST Specialist
More than 15 years of experience
Cost reduction

A personalized accompaniment

In the event of a work-related accident

The rapid reintegration of work accident victims is a key element in reducing CNESST costs. Whether it’s for a single case or your entire file, we take the necessary steps to minimize these costs.

We accompany you in the management of your CNESST files from the date of the event to the complete closing of the file. You remain in control of all decisions, but have the advantage of making an informed choice.


Find out how the experts at HR Fleming can support you in managing workers’ compensation claims and save you money.

OHS Consultation

Are your CNESST files dragging on and your CNESST contributions have increased? Our coaching service accompanies you in your challenges and requests for review.

Management of occupational injuries

We help you reduce your occupational injury premiums by taking into account We take care of your files and carry out the necessary medical and administrative follow-ups.

Retrospective plan

By thoroughly analyzing your active occupational injury files, we help large companies realize significant retrospective savings.


Fleming HR Consulting’s mission is to support employers in their interactions with the CNESST to help them save time and money.

Our experts are here to help you.