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The CNESST retrospective plan is primarily for large companies with an annual premium of over $400,000. Also known as “retrospective pricing”, it was established to allow companies to make attractive savings on premiums, under certain conditions. What is it really about and what steps should be taken to take advantage of the benefits of this plan?

What is the retrospective plan?

The retrospective plan is a pricing system whereby the annual contribution payable by the employer is established on the basis of the actual cost generated by the occupational injuries. Therefore, the premium is calculated on the basis of the accidents that actually occurred during the reference year and the 4 years preceding it. This allows companies to control the expense of paying contributions if the right steps are taken.

What are the steps to be taken for a company subject to the retrospective system?

The plan was set up to benefit large companies, however, it can also significantly increase contributions if certain initiatives are not taken. To begin with, the company must implement preventive measures to limit the risk of work-related injuries or accidents. This includes, for example, training programs for employees and managers or the installation of secure infrastructures.

It is also essential to establish a temporary assignment or return-to-work strategy designed to reduce the expense of compensating victims. Finally, effective claims management would result in lower adjusted premiums.

What are the benefits of the retrospective plan?

Therefore, the main benefits of the retrospective system for large businesses are:

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